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At IBS we understand that shopping for insurance coverage can be confusing. We offer the convenience of internet quoting and sales but have earned our outstanding reputation in the area as a company that can actually educate you in the best possible plans. IBS only offers the State’s largest and most reputable carries to insure you and your family. Plans can be effective in as little as 24 hours in many cases. Contact us so that we can customize a plan that not only fits your budget but your needs. Feel free to call us for the personal service we are proud to offer and are so well known for. We pride ourselves on selling Insurance with Integrity.

Tips for choosing individual health insurance

Even though your employer may provide you with health insurance, the health plan may not always provide the coverage you require for yourself. In fact, if you find that you require additional coverage, it is better to buy some coverage on your own. As there are so many providers to choose from, here are some tips to help you make your choice.

It is always better to approach a few individual health insurance companies to collect quotes from them, and make comparisons. This is the only way you will be able to find out more about the rates offered by different insurance companies and find a quote that seems best for you.


Besides comparing quotes, you also have to decide and find out more about the coverage offered by the policy. These policies offer an option of an HMO or PPO. HMO policies entail that you have to use the services of the doctors included in their network of doctors for coverage. However if you have a particular or personal physician you prefer to refer to for your health problems, a PPO plan is better for you.

You also have to choose your policy coverage based on whether your family requires specific services on a regular basis like regular consultation of a diabetician for your teenager suffering from diabetes. If you have to visit some specialists on a regular basis like acupuncturists or chiropractors, it is better to find out if the insurance policy offers its coverage.

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X-ray costs should be covered

Find out if the plan offered includes prescriptions and X-rays. Health plans covering prescriptions are the best as everyone receives prescriptions on a regular basis. If prescriptions are covered, find out if the health plan covers your present prescription, and at what level. X-rays may also be routine in most treatments, it would be better to have your plan cover X-rays as well.

If you can’t actually afford plans that covers routine care, it is better to choose a plan with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage that charges higher deductibles instead of cutting down on your hospital or surgical plans. If you end up in the hospital, this plan ensures that you do not need to worry about follow up care on release.

What about emergency care?

An HMO is a cost effective, comprehensive health plan where you don’t have too much of extra expenses to take care of. However if you are a healthy 20 year old, without children and have some savings, you could save money with a policy that provides coverage only for catastrophic illnesses. However with this option, you have to be ready to shell out money to pay for routine doctor visits and laboratory tests.

Lastly, while looking for individual health insurance, you have to find out what coverage is provided for emergency care. As emergency care is usually the most expensive part of a health plan, it is better to read the policy’s fine print to get all doubts cleared about this. Once this is done, you will be able to decide, and choose the right policy for yourself.

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